Hanka Bierman Beautiful Nude Model 1962 2 1/4 Camera Negative Peter Basch

Hanka Bierman Beautiful Nude Model 1962 2 1/4 Camera Negative Peter Basch

He image offered in this listing comes directly from the personal archived library of PETER BASCH who was a celebrity and artistic nude Playboy photographer during the 1940s through the 1970s. Basch was a master in glamour and nude fine art photography having authored many books on the subject. In addition to photographer signed and/or stamped photographic images, we are only offering 100% guaranteed original camera images (B&W negatives and color transparencies) which have been stored away since he produced his first work. Many of the original camera film images (negatives and transparencies) have never been seen before and are one of a kind. Others have been published in the world’s top celebrity and men’s magazines. The rediscovery of the mastery of Peter Basch will reveal his respect and passion for photographing the world’s top celebrities and most beautiful women such as BETTIE PAGE , JAYNE MANSFIELD , GRACE KELLY , SOPHIA LOREN , MARLON BRANDO , JANE FONDA , BRIGITTE BARDOT , ANITA EKBERG , FEDERICO FELLINI , URSULA ANDRESS , and many more. Please see a bio and additional notes on Peter Basch below. Intage June 1962 2 1/4 camera negative of voluptuous pin-up model HANKA BIERMAN posing nude for the. Photographer PETER BASCH and from his personal archive. This is the original negative (film) that was in the camera at the time of the photo shoot and is therefore the only one of its kind in existence. Please note this listing is for a camera negative, not a photograph. The scan is of its positive view. No rights are included in this offering. Excellent: Very nearly pristine, with no more than trivial flaws. Very Good: Slight scuffing, rippling, minor surface impressions. Good: Visibly used with small areas of wear, which may include surface impressions and spotting. Fair: Visibly damaged with extensive wear. CUSTOMER SERVICE – I will respond to all inquiries within 24 hours. Peter Basch was born in Berlin, Germany, the only child of Felix Basch and Grete Basch-Freund, both prominent theater and film personalities of the German-speaking world. In 1933 the family came to New York due to fears of rising anti-Jewish sentiment and laws in Germany. The family had US citizenship because Felix’s father, Arthur Basch, was a wine trader who lived in San Francisco. After moving back to Germany, Arthur Basch kept his American citizenship, and passed it to his children and, thence, to his grandchildren. When the Basch family arrived in New York in 1933, they opened a restaurant on Central Park South in the Navarro Hotel. The restaurant, Gretel’s Viennese, became a hangout for the Austrian expatriate community. Peter Basch had his first job there as a waiter. While in New York, Basch attended the De Witt Clinton High School. The family moved to Los Angeles to assist in Basch’s father’s career, during which time Basch went to school in England. Upon returning to the United States, Basch joined the Army. He was mobilized in the US Army Air Forces’ First Motion Picture Unit, where he worked as a script boy. After the war, he started attending UCLA and started taking photographs of young starlets working with other photographers and film studios. His mother asked him to join her back in New York after she and his father decided that Basch should be a photographer and they obtained a photography studio for their son. For over twenty years, Peter Basch had a successful career as a magazine photographer. He was known for his images of celebrities, artists, dancers, actors, starlets, and glamour-girls in America and Europe. His photos appeared in many major magazines such as Life, Look and Playboy. The Peter Basch Collection includes iconic images of all the major midcentury stars, from Europe and America. These masterful images are a window onto a time we cannot forget, when movie stars stepped out of the studios control, and we began to see these larger-than-life performers as full, three-dimensional personalities. Baschs images capture the heart and spirit of these glamorous performers. Taking pictures in natural light, out in the world, we see these stars as full human beings, not the carefully made-up, studio-approved icons of oldfashioned Hollywood. Basch was able to capture the moments of a human beings spirit, their mercurial reactions, all the facets that made these magnetic individuals the stars they were. Basch authored and co-authored a number of books containing his photographs including: Candid Photography (1958 with Peter Gowland Basch and Don Ornitz Basch) Peter Basch’s Glamour Photography (A Fawcett How-To Book) (1958) Peter Basch photographs beauties of the world (1958) Camera in Rome (1963 with Nathan and Simon Basch) Peter Basch Photographs 100 Famous Beauties (1965) The nude as form & figure (1966) Put a Girl in Your Pocket: The Artful Camera of Peter Basch (1969) Peter Basch’s Guide to Figure Photography (1975 with Jack Rey). Thoughts on Peter Basch by his daughter : My Father, Peter Basch, saw. He looked and he saw. He taught me to see. He taught me to listen and hear. We used to play a game when I was little. Hed say, Michele, look at the street then look at me, what did you see? I would list the cars, red, black, navy; people, fat, tall, thin; children, parents; trees and plants. He would add the detail. A blue car with New York plates, a black car with New Jersey plates. The people were not just tall or small, thin or fat, they wore coats or sweaters, they laughed or were sad. The trees had leaves, were close together, the green was dark, vivid, the sun playing with the shadow. He captured in his mind and on film the unexpected moment in time, the interaction between two people, the look, the thought, the breath that punctuated the decision. My Father was one of the great romantics. He had a true love and appreciation of beauty in its purest form. We would talk about BEAUTY and her differences: natural, Hollywood, young, old and the beauty of communication, interaction, the Beauty of the moment. He recorded the breath in time on film: two ladies in Paris reading the paper, a Dachshund looking around the corner, a chair in front of the Eiffel Tower. My Father saw the thought and seized it for posterity. My Father understood the language light speaks to shadow. He showed me how the sun plays with dark. His favorite moment was at Sunrise when the shadows were long and soft. He saw every hue from white to black and everything in between. He understood the language, taught and published books on Light and Shadow, Form and Figure. I traveled through Europe with my Father. I was his assistant! And proud of it! I was the camera person! Changed the film, made sure the lens was clean, stood in during special poses, helped in the dark room, retouched to refine and perfect. I loved watching him talk and listen. He listened to Jane Fonda, Ursula Andress, Brigit Bardot, Fellini, Mastroiani and so many more. He listened and recorded the answer, the thought, that moment of indecision, realization and Seduction. Jules et Jim – Truffaut. Bijoutiers du Clair de Lune – Vadim. The Vice and the Virtue – Vadim. Fearless Vampire Killers – Polanski. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow – De Sica. Une Femme Est Une Femme Goddard. Cartouche – De Broca. Anne Frank – Stevens. Guys and Dolls – Mankiewicz. Horse Soldiers – Ford. Majority of One – Leroy. Walk on the Wild Side – Dmytryk. Wild in the Streets – Spear. The Day the Fish Came Out – Cocayannis. The Pawnbroker – Lumet. La Verite – Clouzot. La Loi Sacree – Pabst. Baby Doll – Kazan. The 13 Most Beautiful Girls – Warhol. The Three Sisters – Bogart. Francis of Assissi – Curtiz. The Man Who Had Power Over Women. The Spy With The Cold Nose. 2002 Jewish Museum – Vienna Austria Vom Grossvater vertrieben. 2002 LEICA Gallery, NYC Portrait of Al Hirschfeld. 2001 National Portrait Gallery — London Dame Elizabeth (Taylor). 2001 Fahey-Klein Gallery, LA Group Show/Great Directors. 2001 Museum/City of New York, Al Hirschfeld Exhibit. 2000 Museum of Modern Art, NY, Brigitte Bardot. 1999 Vienna, Austria übersee. 1999 Stadt Museum, Munich, Germany TWEN exhibit. 1997 Museum of the Moving Image Grace Kelly. 1996 Staley Wise Gallery, NY Shooting Stars one man show. 1980s Museum of Modern Art, NY, Sophia Loren LA County Museum “Masters of Starlight” (subsequently traveled to Tokyo & Kyoto, Japan) Stadt Museum, Munich, Germany AKT (nudes). Attention Sellers – Get Templates Image Hosting, Scheduling at Auctiva. Track Page Views With. Auctiva’s FREE Counter. The item “HANKA BIERMAN BEAUTIFUL NUDE MODEL 1962 2 1/4 CAMERA NEGATIVE PETER BASCH” is in sale since Wednesday, September 22, 2021. This item is in the category “Art\Art Photographs”. The seller is “greatclassics” and is located in Los Angeles, California. This item can be shipped worldwide.
  • Artist: Peter Basch
  • Originality: Original
  • Photo Type: Negative
  • Date of Creation: 1950-1969
  • Region of Origin: North America
  • Subject: Nudes
  • Listed By: Dealer or Reseller
  • Year: 1962
  • Width (Inches): 2.25
  • Height (Inches): 2.25
  • Style: Vintage
  • Features: From the Estate of Peter Basch
  • Color Type: Black & White
  • Quantity Type: Single-Piece Work

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